Vitruve uses again the famous drawing created in 1490 by Leonardo da Vinci that he realised after the treaty De Architectura, written in -15 by the Roman architect of the same name.

From the representation of the ideally proportioned human body perfectly inscribed in a circle and square, Djeff suggests slow breathless breathing of a vanished human silhouette under a thin cover of tense survival. From human grandiloquence, entropy has only kept a golden crinkled curtain for emergency situations as well as an artificial breathing device whose inhaling and exhaling reveals only geometric shapes now dissociated. The living has been erased in favor of the allegory of science and technology.

Humanism of the Renaissance placed Man at the center of the measurement. Its representation of the world is in harmony with Nature, whereas here it is only a short motorised breath that hisses as a last act of resistance before its total abnegation. Like the character of King Béranger I [1] in the face of his own announced death, the swaying of this blanket with its fallen brilliance evokes man facing his end from dizziness to acceptance, as he did not take the time to think about his own condition.

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