Black Widow


The installation evokes the idea of a technological trap. The net structure composed of weaved wool yarn fixed at a central point refers to the constant geometric architecture of the tubular webs of sedentary spiders. Four neon lights are placed on each edge forming the frame of the canvas. In the center of the funnel-shaped composition, a light bulb emitting black light takes the throne like a spider posted on the lookout within its capturing system. The device is reactive: the lighting activates by detecting presence of the public. The light, at first pale intensifies gradually, and through fluorescence, the weaving of the white yarn metamorphosis into a seduction trap with hypnotic optic. After a certain time, the light turns off by itself and is reactive only by movement. An artificial environment with limited life, Black Widow opens a reflection on the programmed obsolescence, a symbol of a society of overconsumption.

Djeff Black Widow Verdun
Black Widow Djeff
Black Widow Djeff
Djeff Black Widow Vasarely
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