L'Avoyage - Djeff
L'Avoyage - Djeff
Photos : Véronique Huyghe

L’avoyage is a gesture, an abandonment, an acceptance, a rebound, a surprise, a series of meetings, an opportunity, a sharing, 44, an illustrator, a calendar, an introspection, a protocol, a creation, a journey, a way, an excuse, a combination, a game, an intimacy, a maieuticien, finally 49 days, a box, a stroll, a journal, a Dasein, a diversion, a comfort, a song, a grammar, a poem , a grain of sand, a cake, a coating, a palindrome, a font, a phone, a universe, a weld, a procrastination, a frustration, a window, a childhood, a right foot slightly offset from the left foot …

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