Dyew is an atmospheric installation that gives everyone the power to create their own thunderstorm.


In the Indo-European languages, the root *dyew- is linked to the notion of “diurnal light”. *Dyew-, is the original spark, the lightning that springs out of the shadow.

Dyew is an immersive physical experience that invites the viewer to enter atmospheric depths to find oneself in the heart of a heavenly genesis. With the aid of a scepter, the viewer can take control of the elements and witness the performance of their own power. The inner energy of our body suddenly reveals itself in all its strength and brilliance. Our unconscious electrical charge is transformed into a sensitive phenomenon. Its light resonates in the underground cave and spreads in the iridescent nebula. Although what lies beneath each unique storm is left up to the viewer to imagine.



Developement & music

Antoine Villeret
Pascal Baltazar

Film & Photo

Tomasz Namerła
Marianne Hervé


Antoni Griggio, Anne-Laure Poissonnier, Sarah Dylewski, Maxance Bernard, Cyrille Baudin, Services techniques du Grand Verdun.

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