Ad astra

Similar to a gigantic weeping willow, a biomorphic form unfolds its branches made of magnetic tapes in space. This strange silhouette comes alive in a loop of 18 minutes to the rhythm of a sound creation that mixes eloquent pieces: Space Oddity, David Bowie’s second album illustrating the story of a spatial drift, extracts from the Voyager Golden Record, embedded disc aboard the two space probes in 1977…

A ballet of bright LEDs translates the musical atmosphere into signals. The first red colorings rise in a wave sent to an infinite space, an indeterminate destination. Submitted to the rebound’s deadline, the tree echoes back in blue lights that run up and down its trunk. In this activation, the dramaturgy of a mass dark island comes alive with warning messages, a shadow theater that is set up in the oil black shine of the magnetized ribbons. As in many of Djeff’s creations, the images are polymorphic and multiple sensory.

Associating the memory of a tree, rich in cultural symbols to magnetic tapes in which the first mass memories were recorded in computer science, the dispositions of the human soul are juxtaposed between despondency and hope.

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